IQ “Frequency”
(Inside Out / SPV)

“Frequency” is amazing just like a rainbow suddenly appeared, you know like something you feel but can’t explain with words but that is there for real, moving you. No, I haven't drunk too much that's only the truth ;)
IQ indeed managed this challenge to create a complete Progressive Rock album, through the strength of melodies, the wide range of magic powerful sounds, giving then a cohesive impression to the 7 songs. Peter Nicholls’ subtle voice, Mark Westworth’s touch on keyboards, Mike Holmes art on guitar and a very efficient bass-drums duet, that recipe undoubtedly creates the magic.
Lastly, ‘Intense’ could sum up the “Frequency” album and the journey you’re invited for: a quiet, melancholic, rock and futuristic journey.
Highly recommended is “Frequency” and highly acclaimed can be IQ for being at the top of their fine art with their ninth studio album :)
Don’t miss that and enjoy ! :)


Track Listing:
1. Frequency
2. Life Support
3. Stronger Than Friction
4. One Fatal Mistake
5. Ryker Skies
6. The Province
7. Closer

IQ Line Up :
Mike Holmes
: guitar
Peter Nicholls: lead vocal
John Jowitt: bass
Paul Cook: drums
Mark Westworth: keyboards