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3 juillet 2023

GARMONBOZIA: 27 tournées et nos 25 ans déjà annoncés !


On prépare la rentrée et même 2024 avec entrain, déjà 27 tournées annoncées
... sans oublier nos 25 ans à Rennes !

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1 juillet 2023

ONLAP - French DIY Rock Force, ONLAP, Signs To AFM Records & Shares Ahother Music Video "Crawling In The Dark"




While they have already started to share new songs such as the previously-released track "Nevermind"today, ONLAP are premiering a lyric video for their new single "Crawling In The Dark"! 


Following their recent, worldwide signing with powerhouse label AFM Records, French alternative rock force ONLAP has shared a lyric video for their new single "Crawling In The Dark"!



The Paris-based band was formed in 2006, driven by a full DIY-spirit. Since years, each song that got self-released by ONLAP has been ruling Social Media platforms and playlists, with a fan base growing day by day (with 415k monthly Spotify listeners and 105k YouTube subscribers to name just a few numbers) and a cross-platform streaming performance of more than 150 million streams. "The Awakening", the band's top hit on Spotify, reckons with 23M streams only to this impressive hoard of facts.

 "After 15 years of a full indie model, we're really glad to start this new journey with AFM Records," the band recently said. "We really love the whole team, they've been listening and understanding the personality and particularities of our musical project and we just can't wait to start releasing songs, and our new album in the end, with them.


ISKA Photos & Works
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