HACRIDE "Amoeba"
(Listenable Records)

It's a pleasure to suddenly see your ears filled with a music that is different from most of the others you've ever heard, that is also creative daring without any problem or complex to mix Hardcore with Flamenco, Hard with soft music or vocals and clean with distorted guitars. HACRIDE can be proud of their qualities with this achieved album offering then an interesting new meaning to the word: progressive as all the album long, it's a range of diversity that makes think that progressive really is synonymous with progression and innovation, even the cover artwork is unique as the atmosphere of HACRIDE itself may be. "Fate", "Deprived Of Soul", and the excellent cover song of the Spanish band "Ojos De Brujo" featuring two of the original members of Ojos on vocals: "Zambra", are the very best examples of what a band motivated by pure passion and desire can do in the field of good music. Just add to that a powerful production, polyrythms, vocals and guitar loaded with real feelings and you'll better sketch what "Amoeba" is about: pleasure quite simply! It's rather incredible to imagine that "Amoeba" is only the second album for HACRIDE but for sure it is and the potential of these French musicians and singer is very much alive. So, let's keep an eye on HACRIDE for the present moment with "Amoeba" and for the future as the band will certainly not stop their curse to the heights.