16 décembre 2016

MELTED SPACE @ Wacken Winter Nights (10-11-12 Fev 2017) - Melted Space « Remix Remodel » - Official Video « Titania »




MELTED SPACE est fier d’annoncer sa participation au Wacken Winter Nights qui se déroulera du 10 au 12 Février 2017.

L’occasion pour le groupe de défendre ses 3 remixes et son clip récemment sortis: voir ci-dessous :)







MELTED SPACE « Remix Remodel » / « Titania » Video 

To give a real different outlook on its music, MELTED SPACE decided to reconstruct and remix several songs with vocal contributions from some of the live singers: Lucie, Clementine and Eric.

These three new versions “Remix Remodel” displays remixes of :

– “No Need To Fear” by Beau Hill (Europe, Alice Cooper, Ratt…)

– “Lost Souls From The Other Side” by After Forever’s Joost Van Den Broeck 

– “Titania”, François-Maxime Boutault (Dagoba and various famous French pop artists) 

The two last songs being mastered at Fascination Street Studio by Tony Lindgren. 


==>Listen to them @ https://lasersedge.bandcamp.com/album/remix-remodel



At the same time, MELTED SPACE announces the completion of the act’s first official video for the song “Titania” (with the remixed version), directed by Rusty J. Matalou in a German Expressionism style, the new video brings to MELTED SPACE a new visual dimension and extend Pierre Le Pape’s musical universe to the outfit’s fanbase.








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